pasty pasty



All pasties are hand made in cornwall and only contain the finest traceable cornish produce. They are delivered to us frozen and freshly baked  in our shop several times a day to ensure they are served at the peak of perfection.


Our cheese and onion and vegetarian  pasties are made with vegetarian pastry which contains no animal fats.



Traditional Cornish Steak Pasties (real cornish steak)


Large           £3.80


Medium       £3.00


Tomato cheese and basil    £3.00


Steak and Stilton       £3.00


Chicken    £3.00


Lamb and Mint       £3.00


Cheese and Onion  made with vegetarian pastry     £3.00


Vegetarian made with vegetarian pastry        £3.00


Sausage Rolls     £1.50


Special guest pasties will be available from time to time





Tea and Coffee to take away


Cappuccino               £1.70                           Latte        £1.70             Mocha        £1.70


Espresso                   £1.70                           Tea           £1.00          Hot Chocolate £1.75


Herbal tea   £1.20          Decaff tea   £1.20            Earl grey   £1.20          Green tea  £1.20


plus Bottled water and Soft drinks



We also provide delicous locally baked cakes and flapjacks from time to time.


Boxes of pasties can be ordered in advance to be collected from our shops on the morning of your journey home